Unidentified Women

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
12 June 1823

On Tuesday last the Police was occupied for a considerable time in consequence of sixteen low and disorderly persons, of both sexes, having been apprehended the preceding night, at a house of ill-fame in O’Connel-street [sic] by the Assistant Superintendent of Police and a party of constables, and brought up for examination. It appeared that the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr. MIDDLETON, accompanied by constables, had surrounded the house, where they heard music and dancing, outcries and confusion, at the hour of 11 at night, and demanded admittance, which was refused, there they waited till 2 o’clock before the doors were opened, and that, during the time they waited, they heard dreadful threats and imprecations denounced against the Police by some of the company within; and when the Peace Officers got admittances they found the house in a most disgraceful state, and presenting a scene of the most shocking depravity. After some feeble resistance they were at length secured, and lodged in the watch-house. JOHN TURNER, as the master of the house, was convicted under the Police Regulations as a rogue and vagabond, and keeping a loose and disorderly house, and sentenced to be confined to hard labour in the house of correction (the county goal [sic]) for 3 calender [sic] months. His visitors, consisting of 3 men, were in like manner convicted and sentenced, under the Police Regulations, to 28 days hard labour in the house of correction; one man JAMES KELLY, holding a ticket of leave, together with seven others, prisoners of the crown, were sentenced, KELLY to have his ticket of leave cancelled, and with the rest, to be sent to Emu Plains, there to work in the goal [sic] gang for the term of 3 calender [sic] months; and the four women, all common and notorious prostitutes, were sent to the factory, under the Police Regulations, for 28 days. This salutary measure, following the conviction of such a disgraceful part, will, it is hoped, operate to prevent a repetition of such gross and disgraceful outrages.


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