Catharine Kelly

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
10 November 1821

The attention of the Magistrates in Sydney has, for several days past, been sedulously engaged in the investigation of a system of plunder, which has been carried on to a most alarming extent on the Lachlan and Waterloo Flour Company. From serious occasional defalcations, strong suspicions had been unavoidably entertained by the Company, of extensive depredations being committed; and the vigilance of the interested parties being ever on the alter, which, combined with extraordinary activity on the part of the Police, at length fortunately succeeded in bringing the thieves to condign punishment. The discovery proves that no less than eleven were ingeniously and nefariously united to strike at the root of this praiseworthy Body of individuals, who have expended such vast sums for the benefit of the Community: and what rendered the crime more atrocious, as it regarded some of the robbers, was, that they were actually employed by the Firm, and had constantly experienced their quantum of ample, but rather too profuse, encouragement. After an impartial and scrutinizing examination, the following parties were proved to be implicated in the robberies, and sentenced accordingly : — JAMES TAYLOR, WM. WOOLER, AND STEPHEN WALTERS (a free man), were committed for trial; JAMES SCOTT, to be sent to Port Macquarie for the remainder of his term of transportation; WM. WILLIAMS, to be transported to Newcastle for 12 months; ENOCH JONES, and JOHN BAXTER, to be wrought in irons in the gaol-gang for 6 months; and CATHARINE KELLY, to be kept at hard labour in the factory for 6 months. — Three others were admitted as evidence on the part of the criminal prosecution; and their names are, AMOS CRISP, THOMAS GUY, and VENUS.

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