Silhouette believed to be D’Arcy Wentworth (II)

Surgeon D'Arcy Wentworth. Silhouette. Parramatta. Old Parramatta. Old Parramattan. Superintendent of Police. Magistrate. Superintendent of Convicts. Surgeon. Second Fleet.
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. As Superintendent of Police, Second Fleeter D’Arcy Wentworth (II) also served as Magistrate on the Sydney Police Bench while retaining his position as Principal Surgeon. As such, Wentworth heard cases daily, many of which involved convict women who were promptly sentenced and transferred to the Parramatta Female Factories. “Photograph of silhouette believed to be D’Arcy Wentworth,” n.d. / artist and photographer unknown. Five prints of a photograph of a silhouette have been in P1 for many years. Four of these have written on the back in pencil in the hand of a former Librarian (Mr Wright (?)) ‘This photo is believed to be of D’Arcy Wentworth by his great grandson Mr. Wm. Chas. Wentworth 1920.’ A sixth print, identical with the others, came to the Library from the Bertie Collection donated by A. B. Bertie, 23rd March, 1953 and this is labelled in pencil ‘D’Arcy Wentworth from silhouette in Mitchell Library.’ Courtesy of State Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Library, P1 / 1932 / FL3276933.