Families of Convicts

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
7 December 1847


Colonial Secretary’s Office,

Sydney, 16th Nov. 1847

His Excellency the Governor is pleased to direct the re-publication of the following Notice.

By His Excellency’s command,


His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified, that her Majesty’s Government have determined to revive the practice of forwarding to this Colony, at the public expense, the wives and families of married convicts who have become free by pardon or otherwise, or who have obtained tickets of leave, and who may be recommended by the Governor as worthy of that indulgence.

2. Those persons who have already obtained tickets of leave, or any higher degree of liberty, or whose terms of transportation have expired, and who may be desirous of being joined by their families, will make application in the annexed form, to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts.

3. Every such application must be supported by the recommendation of two or more respectable persons known to the Government and satisfactory assurance must be afforded that the applicant has the means of supporting his family.

4. In like manner, Convicts at present under sentence will be allowed to apply for the above indulgence as soon as they have received tickets of leave, but not before.

5. Those persons whose applications were forwarded to the Secretary of State under the regulations of the 6th May, 1833, but were not then complied with, will be required to make fresh applications in the accompanying form.


I, A. B., per ship ________, beg respectfully to request that my wife and children (or wife only, or children only, as the case may be) may be provided with a passage to this Colony.

I am at present following the occupation of ______, in the service of Mr. ______, at ______, (or otherwise as the case may be.)

I have the honor to be, Sir, &c.,

_______ ______

The Principal Superintendent of Convicts, &c.

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See Original: “FAMILIES OF CONVICTS. Colonial Secretary’s Office, Sydney, 16th Nov. 1847,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Tuesday 7 December 1847, p.3