Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 September 1840


TUESDAY.—Present, the Governor, the Chief Justice, the Bishop of Australia, the Commander of the Forces, the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney-General, the Collector of Customs, the Auditor-General, Mr BERRY, Mr H. H. MACARTHUR, Sir JOHN JAMISON, and Mr JAMES MACARTHUR.

Mr JONES attended in his place but was obliged to withdraw in consequence of indisposition. Mr CAMPBELL has absented himself during the last fortnight from the same cause.

The Governor signified his intention of laying a bill before the Council in a few days, adopting certain portions of the English Prison Act, conferring powers upon visiting magistrates and gaolers similar to those given to the matron and visiting magistrates of the Female Factory last year. At present, if any returns or information was required from any of the districts, although the Sheriff is applied to as the responsible officer, and he furnishes the information—it really proceeds from the gaoler alone, the Sheriff being prevented by his duties in Sydney to attend personally himself, and there being no visiting magistrates to whom application could be made. The bill was intended to remedy this defect.

See Original: “LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Thursday 3 September 1840, p.2