Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
4 October 1838

The Female Factory.—We are happy to have to announce that the long neglected and imperfect system of punishment in the female Factory, has once more altered under the superintendence of Mr and Mrs BELL, who succeeded Mrs LEACH, the home appointee to the situation of matron. To shew the absurdity, of the worse than useless system that has been adopted with the viragos who are sent to families from the factory, we may instance one family alone who has been supplied with only three female servants in five weeks, each of whom bolted in less than a week after they were delivered naked to their assignees, who were forced to find them clothes, or see them a disgrace to the establishment.

See Original: “The Female Factory,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Thursday 4 October 1838, p.2