Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
11 November 1836


SINCE our remarks upon the absurdity of the report promulgated in the Herald, of the event of Sir RICHARD BOURKE’S retirement, we find the same statement re-iterated in the Gazette, and “on good authority!”

Now we are hereby reminded of the “good authority” on which that paper asserted that the defendant in the action, BINGLE v. STEPHEN, was indemnified—to which mis-statement we find in their columns a flat contradiction in the shape of a letter from MR. STEPHEN. Ex uno, &c. Their “authority” would seem to be generally of this doubtful order—for in the same number is a statement that there were sixty females in the Gaol for trial; the fact being that, with one or two exceptions, these women were there merely in transitu, per steam-boat, to the Factory! But what of that? Any thing does for the “increase of crime” gentry.

Not only is it again asserted by our said Contemporaries that Sir R. BOURKE is about to retire, but—plaudite oh! Populi!General DARLING is strongly recommended as the new Governor! No doubt, if any thing could give us back that individual in any other shape than as a “nut-brown,” a hint from so influential a quarter would effect it. Yet the thing is overdone; a column of praise of the ex-Governor, and of ejaculations for his return—prayer and praise in one breath—shew rather desperation than serious devotion on the part of his worshippers. The Tory Ship is fast sinking under “the pressure from without,” and the devotional expressions of the Gazette, like those of sailors in danger, are no doubt edifying, though rather dispiriting to those who sail in the same vessel. Alas! the cause and the paper are “fast settling together.”

See Original: “A NEW GOVERNOR!!!,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Friday 11 November 1836, p.2.