Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
29 January 1830

The women who have come to town by the Asia, were landed on Thursday, 199 in number the whole of whom, we are told, were applied for; only 80, for what reasons not stated, were assigned. Our informant in this respect, we rather think, is mistaken. He adds that “a more patchwork, ragged, hugger mugger concern of objects he never beheld landed from any ship,—some of the fair debutantes not having even shoes to their “pettitoes.” Some mismanagement must have caused this. Indeed we fancy so. It will be their own faults, however, after all said and done, if they do not get into good places. Of all pests in these Antediluvian regions, the female servants are certainly the least corrigible. But time works wonders. The best thing the home Government can do is to pack off ship loads after ship loads of their frail superabundants. With decent management, they must soften down into something useful by and by.

Eight prisoners were forwarded to Campbell town yesterday, to take their trial at the ensuring Quarter Sessions; and the elongated ordnance piece was also put in requisition for the transport of 11 frail ones to the Factory, for divers peccadilloes.

See Original:No Title,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW: 1824 – 1848), Friday 29 January 1830, p.4