Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
30 January 1829

So then it’s at last settled Colonel MORISSET shall go to Norfolk Island. After all the humming and haaing, and shifts and transpositions for months past, the necessity of doing what ought to have been done long before, is at length acknowledged.

One necessity has followed upon another. The glut of new officers arrived from Home to fill situations held under a colonial appointment, has rendered a stir in some way necessary. Other places must be discovered or, created, to find employment for individuals going out of office, possibly not for any faults intrinsically theirs but because a successor had come out from Home. A new Collector of Customs has come out, and so has a new Comptroller, and a new Surveyor, etc. Mr. ROSSI having been transferred from the Police Bench to the Custom-house, and now going from the Custom-house, must have the Superintendency of Police back again ; but Colonel MORISSET having been for some time occasionally acting in that capacity, and occasionally ordered away upon
BOARDS and MILITARY courts of enquiry, for being a member of which, he being, in military parlance unattached, his right we consider not strictly recognised; and his place being filled meanwhile by Mr. HELY, and another, or others, in Mr. HELY’s absence, and Colonel MORISSET being still acting in the said capacity, must now needs give place to Mr. ROSSI; and so the wheel goes round in the most charming circle imaginable.
To Mr. R. as a keen, and indeed we believe a just man, there can be no objection; but to speak candidly, an Englishman does not relish having a foreigner to administer English law. There are situations Mr. ROSSI might fill; but for that of Police Magistrate, and we only echo the public voice, his being a foreigner, unfits him. Now, had not all those new
officers come out, we are led to infer that Norfolk Island would still be without the sight of a petticoat and the ‘Gehena of the waters,’ which it has been. What scenes of human infamy and degradation, at which thought sickness, might have been spared had this last remedy, and the best, been tried before. But let us hope that such scenes will not
any longer be exposed to the pure light of Heaven.
Colonel MORISSET, as we have premised, it is finally settled, proceeds to Norfolk Island, and as Lieutenant Governor. A batch of factory nymphs also take a trip to the same Elysium, and a transfer is to be effected of the military guardians of the Isle— a detachment of the 39th, it is rumoured, under Captain CROTTY being selected to relieve the party of the 57th, consisting of young unmarried men, who have for some time past been doing penance there. So far pretty well. A Commander possessing shrewdness, and a talent for discrimination into character, with a determination to be just, is the man to reclaim Norfolk Island; and we are not disposed to think the Home Government
acted indiscreetly in appointing Colonel MORISSET to such a post.

See Original:No title,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW: 1824 – 1848), Friday 30 January 1829, p.2