Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 May 1827

An unusual fracas among the ladies of the Factory, at Parramatta, took place the other day. Some disturbance was complained of, and Mr. MARSDEN and some other Gentlemen repaired to the residence of the ladies, and there they were assailed with such a volley, of abuse and threats from the refractory, that they deemed it prudent to retire. Dr. HARRIS, the attentive and diligent acting police magistrate, summoned his constables, and marched straightway to the scene of revolt. His presence did not tend to allay the warlike face of things; and one of the ringleading ladies shewed fight. Dr. HARRIS seeing the utter uselessness of a parley, collared the obstreperous dame, and she collared him, and down they both went — but the gallant Doctor, after sustaining some kicks and bruises, succeeded in overcoming the resolute Amazon; and, with the assistance of his constables, had her and the other turbulent spirits removed into secure confinement, and restored the shades of the nunnery to comparative silence and tranquillity.

See Original:No title,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW: 1824 – 1848), Wednesday 9 May 1827, p.3