Mary Langham

MARY LANGHAM was a convict woman who was tried and convicted at Nottingham Town Assizes on 10 March 1832 and sentenced to fourteen years transportation per Fanny II (1833). Later incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory. Mother of FANNY LANGHAM and LETITIA LANGHAM.


  • Born: Leicestershire, England
  • Tried and convicted: 10 March 1832, Nottingham Town Assizes
  • Sentenced to fourteen years transportation
  • Sailed for the Colony of New South Wales per Fanny II (1833): 29 July 1832, Downs
  • Arrived in the Colony of New South Wales per Fanny II (1833): 2 February 1833, Port Jackson
  • Daughter FANNY LANGHAM born: c. September 1836
  • Daughter FANNY LANGHAM died: c 18 January 1837, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Daughter FANNY LANGHAM buried: 18 January 1837, St. John’s Parish, Parramatta
  • Admitted to Newcastle Gaol for the purpose of “medical aid” (pregnant): 18 February 1840
  • Sent from Newcastle Gaol to the Female Factory, Parramatta: 31 May 1840
  • Received at Sydney Gaol then transferred to Parramatta Female Factory: 3 June 1840
  • Daughter LETITIA LANGHAM born: 23 September 1840, lying-in hospital, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Daughter LETITIA LANGHAM baptised: 4 October 1840, St. John’s Church, Parramatta


  • Protestant


  • Laundress


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  • Parish Baptism Registers, Textual Records, St. John’s Anglican Church Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.


# Convict

# English

# Trial Place: Nottingham Town Assizes

# Punishment: Fourteen Years Transportation

# Parramatta Female Factory