Mary Botting

Convict woman incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory.


  • Mary Gorman

Police Reports

The Bench were occupied for a considerable time, this morning, in investigating the circumstances of a robbery which some time since took place at Government House, some of the property stolen having been recently found in the possession of various individuals. In consequence of information received by the Police, a warrant was issued to search the house of a person named MASON, residing in Castlereagh street, and of Mrs. ELLEN MURPHY, in Pitt-Street, when, in the house of the former, were found six dinner knives and forks, and in that of the latter some cut wine glasses and a butter dish, which were identified as the property of his Excellency the Governor; orders were also given to search this house of a man named HAYDON, living also in Castlereagh-street, where a number of forks, and one knife, were discovered of the same pattern as those found on the premises of MASON, and also identified as part of those stolen from Government House. MASON being brought before the Bench to account for his possession of the articles, stated that he had purchased them from a tenant of his named MRS. TRACEY, who told him that she was employed to sell them for a person in distress. MRS. TRACEY was, accordingly, sent for, and, being questioned by the Magistrate, at once acknowledged that she had sold the knives to her landlord, MR. MASON, and that she requested to do so by a woman named BOTTING MARY or MARY GORMAN, who represented herself to  be in distress. MRS. MURPHY with whom the glass was found, also stated that she purchased the articles of the same person, and HAYDON alleged that, when the husband of MARY BOTTING, who has since been convicted of bigamy, was put into gaol, he had brought the entire of what household furniture he was possessed of, and that the odd forks and the knife were amongst the rest of the things. MARY BOTTING, or GORMAN, being brought up, confessed that she had sold the property as had been stated by the other persons, and said she had been given it by a Barrack man for whom she washed, but whose name she did not know. Being warned, however, by the Bench, of the consequence of not declaring the truth, as she was the person to whose original possession the property was traced, she subsequently acknowledged that it had been given to her by a man named HENRY ELLIS, a prisoner of the Crown in Government employ. ELLIS was immediately apprehended, but he denied ever having given the articles to the woman as she stated. It appearing in evidence, however, that he was at work as a painter at Government House when the china closet was broken open during the residence of His Excellency and family at Parramatta, he was remanded for further examination. MARY BOTTING, or GORMAN, has been sentenced to the third class at the Factory, for twelve months, for receiving the property from ELLIS, as the Bench were convinced that she must have known he could not have come honestly by it.

See Original:Police Reports. SYDNEY,” Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), Wednesday 15 November 1826 p.3


# Convict

# Second Female Factory

# Year: 1826

# Third Class