Jane Wilson (c.1800-1835)

Convict woman transported per Lord Wellington (1820) for the crime of uttering, later incarcerated in the Parramatta Female Factory. Elizabeth Miller and Elizabeth’s five-year-old daughter, Rebecca, were Wilson’s cellmates at the Surrey County Gaol while they were awaiting transportation to the Colony of New South Wales.


  • Alternate: Jane Quinland (married name)
  • Alias: Charlotte Quinland
  • Alternate: Charlotte Foley


  • Spouse of William Quinland, convict per Lord Eldon (1817)
  • Spouse of Joseph Foley, convict per Guildford (5) (1822)
  • Cellmate of Elizabeth Miller at Surrey County Gaol, Horsemonger Lane, England


  • Born: c.1800, England
  • Arrested: < 27 May 1818, London, England. Crime: “uttering 1 forged note at £1 pound each and having two others taken out of her mouth.”
  • Order for her prosecution by the Bank of England Committee of Law Suits: 27 May 1818. “Ordered that…Jane Wilson be prosecuted, with liberty to plead guilt to the minor offence.”
  • On Trial: Crime: uttering. Date and Place of Trial: 6 August 1818, Surrey Summer Assizes
  • Sentenced: 14 years transportation
  • Held in Surrey County Gaol, Horsemonger Lane with fellow utterer Elizabeth Miller and Miller’s five-year-old daughter Rebecca.
  • Requested assistance from the Bank of England during incarceration: 17 November 1818
  • Petition for Relief denied by the Bank of England: 19 November 1818. (The petition of Elizabeth Miller, however, was granted).
  • Petitioned the Bank of England a second time for relief: “in a wretched condition having parted with all her Clothes for subsistence, – praying relief.”
  • Bank of England grants relief: “Committee ordered that Mr. Kaye be authorised to pay £2 to the Gaoler to be applied for her benefit.”
  • Transported per Lord Wellington: May 1819
  • Arrived per Lord Wellington: 20 January 1820
  • Incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory for 6 months: 21 August 1821. [see Year: 1821]
  • Married William Quinland: 4 March 1822, St. John’s Church, Parramatta
  • Resident at the Parramatta Female Factory: November 1828 (recorded as “Charlotte Quinland” in the 1828 Census)
  • Permission to marry a second convict, Joseph Foley, rejected: 6 May 1829. “Not allowed. No such name as Quinland in the indents of the Lord Wellington.”
  • Married convict Joseph Foley: 18 May 1829, St. John’s Church, Parramatta
  • Died: 1835, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (recorded as “Charlotte Foley”)

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# Convict

# Sentence: 14 Years Transportation

# Ship: Lord Wellington (1820)

# Year: 1828

# Second Female Factory