Ellen Bottomley (1809–1841)

Convict woman tried and convicted along with her mother ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY at the Old Bailey on 8 May 1837 for stealing an apron, pillowcases and other items. Mother and daughter were both sentenced to seven years transportation per Henry Wellesley (2) (1837). Later, ELLEN was incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory where she gave birth to a girl, whom she named ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY after her own mother. A short time after giving birth to ELIZABETH, ELLEN died at the Factory and was buried in the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta on 31 May 1841, recorded age 30.


  • Alternate: HELEN BOTTOMLEY


  • Born: 1809, London, England
  • Tried and convicted alongside her mother ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY: 8 May 1837, Old Bailey, London, England
  • Sentenced alongside her mother ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY to seven years transportation
  • Sailed to the colony of New South Wales per Henry Wellesley (2) alongside her mother: 20 July 1837, Woolwich
  • Arrived in the colony of New South Wales per Henry Wellesley (2) alongside her mother: 22 December 1837
  • Gave birth to daughter ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY: 14 May 1841, lying-in hospital, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Daughter ELIZABETH BOTTOMLEY baptised: 16 May 1841, St. John’s Church, Parramatta
  • ELLEN BOTTOMLEY died: c. 31 May 1841, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Buried: 31 May 1841, unmarked grave, parish of St. John’s, Parramatta



  • Protestant


  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches




# Convict

# Punishment: 7 years Transportation

# Ship: Henry Wellesley (2) (1837)

# Parramatta Female Factory

# Place of Death: Parramatta Female Factory

# Burial Year: 1841

# Grave: unmarked