Elizabeth Jones

Convict woman incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory.


  • Spouse of Mr. Jones
  • Partner of Abraham Bateman

Police Reports

ELIZABETH JONES had lost her husband (to whom she was assigned) some twelve moons past, and preferring the sweets of liberty to the dull monotony of a factory life, neglected to do what all would have undone; namely, return herself to government. About two months back, she bethought herself of the expediency of supplying her late husband’s place, and chose ABRAHAM BATEMAN, a hard-working old man for her protector, disguising her state of bondage, and alleging her freedom. But the facts eventually transpiring, Widow JONES was conveyed to the dread abode of the frail for a season; and bachelor BATEMAN was fined ten dollars and costs for harbouring her.

See Original:DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE,” The Monitor (Sydney, NSW: 1826 – 1828), Friday 15 December 1826, p.2


# Convict

# Second Female Factory

# Year: 1826