Elizabeth Hargreaves (1817–)

Convict woman tried and convicted at Salop Assizes on 17 March 1838 and sentenced to fifteen years transportation per John Renwick (1) (1838). Later incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory where she eventually also gave birth to GEORGE HARGREAVES.


  • Alternate: ELIZABETH HAREGRAVE (c.f. son’s baptism record)
  • Alternate: ELIZABETH HARGRAVE (c.f. Gaol Admission records)


  • Born: 1817, Birmingham, England
  • Tried and convicted: 17 March 1838, Salop Assizes, England
  • Sentenced to fifteen years transportation
  • Sailed to the Colony of New South Wales per John Renwick (1): 3 May 1838, Downs
  • Arrived in the Colony of New South Wales per John Renwick (1): 27 August 1838, Port Jackson
  • Committed to Parramatta Gaol: 5 February 1840
  • Son GEORGE HARGREAVES born: 29 December 1841, lying-in hospital, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Son GEORGE HARGREAVES baptised: 2 January 1842, St. John’s Church, Parramatta


  • Height: 4 feet and one-and-a-half inches
  • Make: Middle
  • Complexion: Ruddy
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel


  • Servant
  • Convict


  • Protestant


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