Elizabeth Garland (1821–)

Convict woman incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory. Mother of JOHN GARLAND.

There is no ELIZABETH or ELIZA GARLAND in the convict indents, but there are gaol admission records for an “ELIZA GARLAND” per Surrey in Sydney later on. Therefore ELIZABETH “ELIZA” GARLAND was probably ELIZA STONER, tried and convicted at the Old Bailey on 2 March 1840 and transported per Surrey I (10) (1840) who later married HENRY GARLAND at Dungog, Eldon, Stroud, Uffington, New South Wales in 1847.


  • Alternate: ELIZA GARLAND
  • Alternate: ELIZA GARLEN
  • Alternate: ELIZA STONER
  • Alternate: ELIZA STONOR


  • Wife of HENRY GARLAND, (aka HENRY GARLEN) convict per Neva (1) (1833)
  • Mother of JOHN GARLAND


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