Elizabeth Ann Rope (1808–1889)

ELIZABETH ANN ROPE was born in Windsor, New South Wales in 1808 to First Fleet convicts, ANTHONY ROPE per Alexander (1788) and ELIZABETH PULLEY per Charlotte (1788). Though she was born free in the colony, ELIZABETH ROPE married a convict, THOMAS PLAYER, and eventually did time in the Parramatta Female Factory, around 1840 to 1841. Her newborn baby girl, MARY ANN PLAYER, also lived with her during her imprisonment.


  • Married name: ELIZABETH PLAYER


  • Born: 24 March 1808, Windsor, New South Wales
  • Baptised: 15 September 1811, St. Matthew’s Church, Windsor, New South Wales
  • Son, JAMES ROPE, born: 12 August 1824, Castlereagh, New South Wales
  • Sought and received permission to marry convict JOHN BATLEY (aka JOHN BATTLEY) per Marquis of Hastings (1) (1826): granted 15 July 1826, Parramatta, New South Wales
  • Married THOMAS PLAYER: 10 October 1826, Parish of Castlereagh, Christ Church Anglican Church, New South Wales
  • Husband, THOMAS PLAYER, notifies public that ELIZABETH had deserted him and he would not be responsible for her: 7 February 1827, published 14 February 1827 in The Australian.
  • Son, WILLIAM PLAYER, born: 6 October 1827, Castlereagh, New South Wales
  • Residence: 1828, South Creek, New South Wales
  • Daughter, SARAH PLAYER, born: 30 September 1829, Castlereagh, New South Wales
  • Son, THOMAS PLAYER (II), born: 14 May 1831, Ropes Creek, New South Wales
  • Daughter, MARY ANN PLAYER, born: 4 November 1840
  • Reportedly lived with free man EDWARD SULLIVAN along with her children: November, 1840, Nepean River
  • In court regarding stolen trousers, taken into custody for stealing trousers and “for corrupt perjury”: 11 November 1840
  • Court case appeared in newspaper, Commercial Journal and Advertiser: 18 November 1840
  • Trial and convicted of larceny: 10 February 1841
  • Sentenced to 9 calendar months of hard labour at the Parramatta Female Factory: 10 February 1841
  • Windsor Gaol: 18 February 1841
  • Transferred with her baby MARY ANN to Parramatta Female Factory at some stage between 18 February 1841 and daughter’s baptism in March, as the baptism was recorded as a Female Factory baptism.
  • Daughter, MARY ANN, baptised: 28 March 1841, St. John’s Church, Parramatta
  • Son, JOHN PLAYER, born: 4 November 1845, Penrith, New South Wales
  • Daughter, ELIZABETH PLAYER (II), born: 1846/1847, Penrith, New South Wales
  • Died: 8 August 1889, Mudgee, New South Wales


  • Daughter of ANTHONY ROPE, First Fleet convict
  • Daughter of ELIZABETH PULLEY, First Fleet convict
  • Partner of WILLIAM JONES
  • Partner of JOHN BATLEY, convict per Marquis of Hastings (1) (1826)
  • Wife of THOMAS PLAYER, convict per Baring (1) (1815)
  • Mother of JAMES JONES ROPE (son with WILLIAM JONES)
  • Mother of WILLIAM PLAYER
  • Mother of SARAH PLAYER
  • Mother of THOMAS PLAYER (II)
  • Partner of EDWARD SULLIVAN
  • Mother of MARY ANN PLAYER


  • Protestant (c.f. 1828 Census)


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