Catherine McDaniel

Convict woman incarcerated at the Parramatta Female Factory.

Police Reports

LAURENCE MCDANIEL, resident of Prospect, CATHERINE his wife, JOHN MCCANN, servants to EDWARD BUCKLEY of Prospect, and JOHN LYNCH, free; stood charged, 1st, LAURENCE MCDANIEL, with having in his house a quantity of beef and an iron pot he could not account for; LYNCH being called upon to account, states he purchased the beef from MCCANN and LYNCH, and that the pot was brought to his house by MCCANN, “Och sur, in the middle of the day,” added he. To this, MCCANN and LYNCH made a distinct negative. Mistress CATHERINE being desired to explain, stated she purchased the meat from a man who came to the house at night, stated he was hungry, and begged to exchange the beef for some wheat; this was the extent to which the Bench could arrive at. MCDANIEL deprived of his ticket of leave and returned to Government. CATHERINE MCDANIEL to the Factory. MCCANN to Government. LYNCH (being free) discharged.

See Original: “Police Reports. SYDNEY,” Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW: 1803 – 1842), Wednesday 4 October 1826, p.3


# Convict

# Second Female Factory

# Year: 1826