Bridget Joyce (1756–)

BRIDGET JOYCE was a convict who was tried and convicted at the Old Bailey, London twice, the first time in 1801 with her twelve-year-old daughter MARY JOYCE. On that occasion, both mother and daughter were sentenced to one year imprisonment at Newgate and fined one shilling. BRIDGET JOYCE was again tried and convicted at the Old Bailey on 7 April 1813 and transported for life per Wanstead (1814). On arrival in the colony, BRIDGET was sent to the first Parramatta Female Factory, i.e. the Factory Above the Gaol, which was located at present-day Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta, including land now occupied by the Riverside Theatres.


  • Born: 1756
  • Daughter MARY JOYCE born: 1789
  • Tried and convicted alongside daughter MARY JOYCE: 28 October 1801, Old Bailey, London, England
  • Mother and daughter sentenced to imprisonment for one year and fined one shilling: 28 October 1801, Newgate Prison, London, England
  • Released from gaol: c. 28 October 1802, Newgate Prison, London, England
  • Tried and convicted: 7 April 1813, Old Bailey, London, England
  • Sentenced to death: 7 April 1813, Old Bailey, London, England
  • Death sentence commuted to transportation for life: 10 June 1813
  • Sailed to the colony of New South Wales per Wanstead: 24 August 1813, Spithead, England
  • Arrived in the colony of New South Wales per Wanstead: 9 January 1814, Port Jackson, New South Wales
  • Forwarded to the first Parramatta Female Factory, the Factory Above the Gaol: 13 January 1814, Factory Above the Gaol, (present-day Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta)


  • Mother and partner-in-crime of MARY JOYCE (born c. 1789)


Factory Above the Gaol, First Parramatta Female Factory, Parramatta, 1809, early nineteenth century, New South Wales, Female Factory Online, Prince Alfred Square
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. The Factory Above the Gaol, Parramatta’s first Female Factory, is on the far right of this image near the old gaol bridge, on the present-day site of Lennox Bridge, Riverside Theatres and Prince Alfred Square. “A view of part of Parramatta Port Jackson, [1809?],” in Series 01: Australian paintings by J.W. Lewin, G.P. Harris, G.W. Evans and others, 1796-1809 [32 watercolours], Vol. 3. Courtesy of Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales. PXD 388 / FL1152086.



# Convict

# Trial Place: Old Bailey

# Punishment: Transportation for Life

# Ship: Wanstead (1814)

# Factory Above the Gaol

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