Anne Day (1829–1830)

Daughter of convict MARTHA DAY and WILLIAM DAY. ANNE may have been born at Factory’s lying-in hospital, but this is yet to be confirmed. She most certainly resided at the Parramatta Female Factory at the time of her baptism in the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta. ANNE died, aged 9 months old, and was buried as “ALICE DAY” in an unmarked grave at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta.


  • Alternate: ALICE DAY


  • Born: 6 September 1829
  • Baptised: 4 April 1830, St. John’s Parish, Parramatta
  • Died: about 1 June 1830, Parramatta Female Factory
  • Buried: 1 June 1830, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta

Burial Location

  • Unmarked grave, St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta, exact location unknown.


  • Daughter of MARTHA DAY, convict
  • Daughter of WILLIAM DAY


Dead House, Parramatta Female Factory
The small building to the left of the big blue doors was the “dead house” at the Parramatta Female Factory. Photo: Michaela Ann Cameron (2014)


  • Parish Baptism Registers, Textual Records, St. John’s Anglican Church Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Parish Burial Records, Textual Records, St. John’s Anglican Church Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.


# Child

# Convict’s Child

# Baptism: St. John’s Church, Parramatta

# Parramatta Female Factory

# Death Place: Parramatta Female Factory

# Burial Year: 1830

# Grave: unmarked